Our newly built, 8,100 sq. ft. welding and fabrication facility gives St John Truck and Trailer Service Inc the ability to do custom fabrication work on site. St John has always been capable of completing large custom jobs, but now, the new, larger, separate building has expanded our operation and given us the ability to take on many more jobs at any given time. The custom fabrication and welding department is staffed with trained and certified professionals, equipped with the knowledge and experience to take on even the most challenging of jobs. We are committed to adding to our long list of capabilities by staying current with the latest training techniques and use of quality equipment and supplies.

St John specializes in tank rollover repair and reconstruction, custom frames, frame repair and many other areas pertinent to truck and trailer repair and maintenance. We are equipped to take on jobs that many other repair facilities and unable to handle. This in itself gives St John an edge over the competition, but our quality of workmanship is what sets us apart, and it is truly second to none.

St John Truck & Trailer Service Inc is the right choice for any welding or fabrication job that requires skill, attention to detail and aims to be 100% as good as new upon completion. The repairs performed by our team have saved our customers thousands of dollars by repairing instead of replacing. Please give us a call today if you have a truck, tank or trailer in need of welding or fabrication work. We are happy to assist.

Fabrication Team


Ron Krehn

Lead Fabricator

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